Sci-Fi Blockout

Model a 3d grey block mesh (max 2500 tris) of a futuristic interior environment and render a cinematic image. The work can be an original design, a creative interpretation or blend of influences. Must contain a 1:1 scale human.

Futuristic Laboratory

Software: 3D Blender

        My first attempt of modelling this project was by creating a gothic church structure and make the space look like it is and old architecture in a science fiction environment.

         This idea failed after modelling the gothic structure because for it to look good, it has to have a lot of faces and edges which highly augmented to approximately fifty thousand triangles. I still wanted to work with it and make it look futuristic by simplifying the edges and reducing them to become low-poly. I was able to get to that point but with a limit of two thousand triangles, a gothic/sci-fi architecture is hard to achieve.

         Science fiction art is definitely a challenge for me. I brushed away my initial idea and went with a traditional model of a sci-fi tunnel. I created an entrance that, as I interpret it, could be subject to a scientific laboratory; luminous, underground, secretive floor of experiments. I modeled many cabinets in which I imagined laboratory equipment. I think that a twist between industrial and minimalist in luminous lighting could be visually interesting. The fictional underwater city, Rapture, from the BioShock games was also an inspiration to create a mysterious and tense scenery.

         Finally, I was very inspired by the symmetric and sharp forms giving a sense of depth. I find that the long straight lines on the metal floors and the vaults between rooms to be essential in creating a sci-fi interior.

Image references


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