Oppression Olympics 2k16

GAMERella Game Jam
Jessica Rose Marcotte (visuals, text)
Dietrich Squinkifer (code, text)

I created the visuals with Photoshop. I came up with the visual concept of cut-out Olympians competing in a theater. I was inspired by horse racing board games that I played as a child.

Inspiration for the visual concept

Oppression Olympics 2k16 is a video game made within 24 hours for GAMERella Game Jam at Concordia University!

It’s a cheesy sports game lampooning the idea of the “oppression Olympics”, a term used to describe when people of different marginalized groups compete against each other in order to prove who’s more oppressed. For best results, gather together some friends around a single keyboard and button-mash as fast as you can. Play on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My team for the weekend!



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