Evil AI

Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (particularly including p5 and/or jQuery and/or other JavaScript libraries) to create an interactive web-based experience. The experience should be based on some existing genre of website, such as e-commerce (e.g. Amazon), social media (e.g. Facebook), news (e.g. The Guardian), entertainment (e.g. YouTube), popular culture (e.g. BuzzFeed), corporate (e.g. Coca-Cola), etc.
The project should produce an experience which combines one of these well-known genres of website with one (or both) of the two following concepts in order to comment on the present and future nature of the web:
  • Artificial Intelligence. Produce a future version or outcome of your chosen genre that incorporates artificial intelligence to comment on either AI or the website genre or both.
  • Evil. Produce a dystopian future version or outcome of your chosen genre that comments on its present use and trajectory.
(Note that you do not need to strive for complete fidelity to your chosen website genre, but rather should make sure your work evokes and communicates the genre.)
Plausible examples might include:
  •  A version of Twitter almost entirely taken over by artificial intelligences, with very few humans left, attempting to find each other via the Turing test. (Could use Markov Chains and Eliza to achieve this.)
  • A version of YouTube in which the entire interface is premised on interactive advertising and product placement.
  • A version of eBay combined with Facebook in which a “Like economy” exists, with users able to spend accumulated likes to buy items or receive services, and the inclination to perform for liked that this entails.
  • A version of Google run by an artificial intelligence that leads you to the search results it believes are best for you based on its extensive knowledge of your social media, psychological, genetic, and other profiles.

Click HERE to view project and experience the negative effects of social media.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 22.56.51

Created by Mirlande Germain, Marianne Dupont-Gagnon and myself.

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