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Use p5 to create a web page that is a playful/toy-like homepage for a fictional character from a novel/film/TV show/videogame/etc. of your choice. You should focus your attention on how you can create interactivity with p5 to communicate something about the character’s personality/nature/story.
For example, you might choose the character Gregor Samsa from Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”. The web page might consist entirely of a large beetle that the player has to care for (or perhaps abuse) like a Tamagotchi and which speaks dialog from the original story.

White Rabbit

Explore the prototype!

Created by Marianne Dupont-Gagnon, Mirlande Germain and myself.

Prototype for a storytelling game. Created with p5, html and js.

Playful ideas:

-Plenty of clocks ticking;
-Trumpet announcing Queen of Hearts;
-Line drawing aesthetics;
-Rabbit fast heart beat;
-Flash eye in red with a timer;
-Help Rabbit get to the reunion before the Queen lose patience and decides to chop off its head;
-As seconds pass time, the user has less control of the interactivity because the Rabbit becomes very nervous, shakes and this causes it to be clumsy;
-If running out of time, the Rabbit reaches a point of a panic attack which causes the background and animations to become psychedelic;
-Add in the beginning the search of the black whole so that the user has to follow the White Rabbit to enter into it’s mind (piece is a reflexion of a mental illness, we want to share an emotion with the user);
-Voices of character changed through editing to sound like it’s echoing in the Rabbit’s mind and making fun of it;
-Rabbit is scared of user mouse.

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