Corporate Landing Page

Using HTML and CSS, create a single-page website that serves as the landing page for a fictional corporation taken from other media (e.g. Vault-Tec from the Fallout series of video games, the Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner, Weyland-Yutani from Alien, Omni Consumer Products from Robocop, etc. Yes, these are all pretty evil science-fiction corporations. The landing page should focus on aesthetics and not content – the only text might be the corporation’s name, for example. Instead, you should work to push the boundaries of the aesthetics of HTML/CSS specifically to create an  interpretation of the nature of the corporation in question.

Visit my Corporate Landing Page here !

maxErnstMax Ernst, Europe After the Rain, 1940.

visual Brainstorm and research (v for vendetta). fictional fascist politic party In Britain – Norsefire regime

  • nuclear war on many countries had severe effects on the environment and agriculture”
  • Larkhill Resettlement Camp: “Political prisoners, homosexuals, non caucasians, jews, muslims are exterminated”
  • “With their enemies removed, Norsefire began consolidating their power over the country. They began to sink their influence into the Church of England, promoting and demoting members of the clergy as they saw fit. They also took over the television companies, creating NTV (Norsefire Television), and implemented the technologies which would allow for a closely-monitored society, including closed circuit television cameras.
  • giving the citizens the appearance of wealth and stability
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